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What kind of data does Grain collect and how is my data used?
What kind of data does Grain collect and how is my data used?
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Grain collects data necessary to provide its services, such as user recordings, metadata, and user account information. Your data is used to facilitate video recording, sharing, and organization, as well as to improve our services and provide support.

  • User Recordings: Grain collects video recordings of your meetings, presentations, or other interactions. Your recordings can then be reviewed on the Grain app and can be used to create Grain clips, which are snippets of important moments captured during your video calls.

  • Metadata: Grain also collects metadata associated with your recordings, such as timestamps, meeting participants, and tags. This metadata helps organize and categorize your recordings for easy retrieval and sharing.

  • User Account Information: When you sign up for Grain, we collect basic user account information, including your name, email address, and preferences. This information is used to create and manage your Grain account and to provide personalized services.

  • Usage Data: Grain collects usage data, such as how you interact with the platform, which features you use most frequently, and your preferences. This data helps us improve our services, enhance user experience, and develop new features.

  • Third-Party Integrations: If you choose to integrate Grain with third-party services, such as your video conferencing platform or calendar, Grain may collect data from these integrations to provide seamless functionality. This data is used solely for the purpose of facilitating the integration and is subject to the privacy policies of the respective third parties.

  • Data Usage: Your data is used to facilitate the core functionalities of Grain, including recording, sharing, and organizing video moments. We may also use your data to improve our services, troubleshoot issues, provide customer support, and communicate with you about updates or important information.

  • Data Privacy: Grain takes data privacy seriously and adheres to strict privacy policies and regulations. We do not sell your data to third parties, and we only share your data with third parties as necessary to provide our services or as required by law.

  • User Control: You have control over your data and can manage your preferences, including which recordings to keep, who can access your recordings, and whether to delete recordings. Grain provides tools and settings to help you manage your data and privacy.

Overall, Grain collects and uses data to provide its services, improve user experience, and ensure the security and functionality of the platform, while respecting user privacy and preferences.

More details can be found here in our privacy policy, or questions can be directed to

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