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How to Change Speaker Names in a Transcript
How to Change Speaker Names in a Transcript

Learn how to update and rename speaker names in the Grain transcript.

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Changing speaker names in the transcript is simple and allows you to maintain clarity in your meeting records. Follow the steps below to change speaker names and manage labels effectively.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Navigate to the Meeting Page:

    • Open Grain and go to the meeting where you want to edit the transcript.

  2. Select the Transcript Tab:

    • Click on the Transcript tab to view the full transcript of the meeting.

  3. Click on the Participant's Name or Icon:

    • Find the name or icon of the speaker you want to edit.

    • Click on the name or icon. A menu will appear allowing you to change the speaker's name.


  4. Type in the New Name:

    • Enter the new name for the speaker. Once you have typed in the new name, you will see several options.

Options Available:

  • Apply All:

    • This option will apply the new name to every tag that matches that speaker in the transcript.

  • Apply This Label:

    • This option will apply the new name only to the current label you are editing.

  • Reset All

    • This option will remove the new label from all of the edited speaker labels.

  • Reset this label:

    • This option will only remove the label from the specific speaker label you have selected.

  • Edit:

    • This option allows you to rename the speaker without removing all of them.

  • Remove Test:

    • This option will remove all the new labels created for the speaker.

These options give you the flexibility to manage and correct speaker names efficiently, ensuring that your transcripts are accurate and easy to follow.

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