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Recording your Webex meetings with Grain
Recording your Webex meetings with Grain
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Grain is an AI-powered meeting recorder that seamlessly integrates with your Webex meetings. It joins your calls to record, transcribe, and take notes, which can then be shared across platforms like Slack, HubSpot, Salesforce, and more.

Once your meeting starts, Grain automatically joins as a participant, handling the recording and summarization so you can focus entirely on the conversation at hand.

Adding Grain to Your Webex Meetings

You have full control over which meetings Grain records. Here are two ways to add the Grain recorder:

I. Configure Your Recording Preferences:

  1. Head to the 'Calendar' page and look for Recording Settings in the top-right corner.

  2. Choose your preferred recording option:

    • "Auto record all meetings with customer participants" for customer calls

    • "Auto record all meetings with only team participants" for team meetings

    • "Auto-record all meetings" to capture everything

For a more selective approach, return to the "Calendar" page where you'll see all your scheduled meetings from your connected calendar. Simply toggle the record button "on" for meetings you want to record, or "off" to skip.

After setting your preferences, Grain will automatically join the meetings you've selected for recording.

II. Add Grain to Impromptu Meetings

For unscheduled or last-minute meetings:

  1. Go to the Calendar page

  2. Find the "Enter meeting link or ID" field

  3. Paste your Webex meeting link

  4. Click "Record"

Grain will then join your call and begin recording.

Recording Consent and Transparency

Grain takes consent seriously and provides clear notifications to all participants:

  1. If you're the meeting host using Grain:

    • Participants will see a disclaimer stating the meeting is being recorded

    • They can choose to stay and consent, or leave the meeting

  2. If you're not the host but want to add Grain:

    • Grain will ask the host for permission to record

    • If approved, all participants will see the recording disclaimer

    • If denied, Grain will leave the meeting without recording

By using Grain with Webex, you'll capture every important detail without missing a beat in the conversation.

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