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Powerful storytelling starts with Highlights.

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Creating shareable highlights from your Zoom, Teams, or Meet meetings is what users love most about Grain. Why watch an hour-long recorded meeting when you can watch a few snippets of the most important moments?

Depending on how your brain works best, we offer two different ways to create a Highlight:

  • During the call, using the Desktop App


  • After the call has ended, in your Workspace.

Create a Highlight during the call

When your meeting starts, Grain Notepad will automatically appear, ready for you to quickly mark down the important moments as they happen, either by typing a note or using quick tags.

*If you haven't already, download the Grain desktop app, as it's necessary for the Notepad to pop up during your meetings.

When you take a note during the live call, it becomes shareable—automatically. The shareable clip is what we call a "Highlight."

The beginning and end of Highlights created live are intuitively-timed, but are editable later within your workspace.

After the meeting ends, the recording lands in your workspace complete with the transcript and the highlights you created during the call.

Create a Highlight after the call has ended

There are two methods to create highlights after your call has ended; highlighting the transcript and highlighting key points.

Method 1: Highlight the transcript:

  • Log in to your Workspace and click on the meeting you want to create Highlights from.

  • Create a highlight by selecting text in the transcript and then clicking “Create Highlight.”

Pro tip: Make sure the transcript is accurate before creating the highlight.

Method 2: Highlight Key Points

After your call, Grain AI will generate meeting notes automatically. Simply hover over a key point and click the 'highlighter' shortcut. Grain will automatically select the relevant text in the transcript and add a title—allowing you to create a new highlight in one click.

Add context to your Highlights

When you select text in the transcript, Grain AI analyzes and summarizes the selected part of the conversation, saving you the hassle of having to come up with your own titles. Use the suggested summary as the title or edit it as you see fit before creating and sharing the highlight.

See our recent blog post on additional ways Grain AI enhances your workflows

See the number of views for your Highlights

Sharing Highlights is a valuable way to share snippets of your valuable moments. To see the number of views your shared Highlights have received open up the Highlight in a new tab, using the Highlight link, in the top right corner you will see “X views”.

Note: Each highlight can be up to 10 minutes in length.

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