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How Add or Remove Seats from Users
How Add or Remove Seats from Users
Updated over a week ago

Control who has paid or free seat access in your workspace. Before we begin, be sure to check out the difference between free and paid seats.

Upgrade/Downgrade a member

If you want to upgrade a user to a paid seat or downgrade to a free seat, you can do that in the Members tab in your workspace.

You’ll find this in Settings > Workspace > Members.

Under the ’Plan’ column, you can edit which member(s) are on the paid/free seats.

Can I take over/replace someone’s paid seat without being billed?

You sure can!

When you downgrade a member, you’ll find an extra business seat on the top right of your Members page. This allows you to upgrade another user with the extra seat without being overcharged.

Deactivate a member

If someone in your workspace needs to be removed, you can deactivate the user account. Look under the ‘Status’ column and click Deactivate.

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