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How to use Insights

Learn how to review customer meeting metric trends over time

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Explore Insights to understand how you and your team are preforming. See how you compare with other members on your team, so you know where and how you can improve your performance.

Navigate through the page to:

  • Interaction: See stats on your call interactions. Compare how you're preforming to the rest of your team.

  • Smart Tags: Gain insights into how often specific topics or phrases come up in conversations.

Understanding the numbers:

Before diving into Interactions and Smart Tag insights, understand how calculations work. Stats are calculated for recorded calls, based on the filters you select:

  • Date: Period of time (choose date ranges or customize)

  • Owner: Calls hosted by a selected individual

  • Smart Tags: Viewing stats by a Smart Tag defined in your Grain workspace

  • Participants: Calls attended by a selected individual

  • Companies: Calls with a selected company

Note: Stats are only calculated for calls that are external calls - calls with at least one participant outside your organization

Interaction tab:

Metrics in this tab indicate you and your team's conversation performance and areas for improvement, with recommendations for best practices:

  • Talk/Listen Ratio: Percentage of time you spoke.

  • Filler Words: Frequency of using filler words per minute.

  • Longest Monologue: Duration of the longest uninterrupted speaking period.

  • Talking Speed: Words spoken per minute.

  • Patience: Average time waited after the customer finishes speaking.

Smart Tags tab:

Identify the most talked-about topics and phrases in your conversations using the Smart Tags tab. This helps you track the important parts of conversations, focusing on what matters to you. Grain offers default trackers, and you can create custom trackers based on your business priorities.

Smart Tags are concept-based trackers focused on surfacing ideas rather than specific words. Using AI, smart tags identify related concepts even if expressed differently. For example, a smart tracker for "Budget" can catch phrases like "We’re looking for a cost effective solution" because it recognizes the concept, not just the exact words.

In the Smart Tags tab, see the percentage of calls mentioning specific concepts. Click on a Smart Tag to explore all recorded meetings related to that topic.

How Interaction metrics and Smart Tags benefit you:

Interaction Stats and Smart Tags offer key insights into your conversations, revealing when certain phrases or concepts are mentioned, along with their frequency. Managers can use smart tags to monitor how team members handle pricing, product messaging, discovery questions, or objections. These insights, combined with interaction metrics, help identify effective communication strategies. This information can be used to coach the team and make quick adjustments if needed.

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