Identify and manage your team's at-risk deals

Proactively manage your team's pipeline through Grain AI insights of your deal health

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Gain insights on your deals with Deals, a powerful tool that helps you visualize the big picture and drill down into the details. We combine your CRM data with the actual content of your deal conversations to clearly and efficiently reveal areas of concern or potential for success.

Note: The Deal page only works with CRM data from HubSpot

What Deals can do for you

  • See the Big Picture: The Deals tab summarize interactions for all deals Understand quickly which deals are healthy or at risk, whether your team is on trajectory to reach their goals.

  • Drill Down into Details: Explore individual deals and their activity timelines. View deal according to your filtering needs, and filter by team member, deal stage, company, and date.

  • Explore Deeper Insights: Identify key contacts on both sides of the deal and see their activity levels.

Use the Deals List

  1. Select a Pipeline: Choose the pipeline you want to focus on

  2. Choose Deal Stage:

    • Select a CRM-made Deal Stage from the list

    • To create or edit your own Deal Stages you must make the changes in you CRM

  3. Search for a specific deal: Click in the search box and search by name to filter the list to that specific deal

  4. Filter the list: You can also add custom filters to focus on specific deals relevant to your needs

    • Click "+ filter" to choose a filter from the list.

Review your Deals

Review activity for all deals directly within the overview section. The activity includes meeting interactions for the deal.

  • See more activity: Click on the meeting interaction to open the meeting and view more meeting information, like AI-notes, transcripts, and highlights.

  • Review all interactions: Scroll through the timeline to see all meeting interactions connected with the deal.

Know who's engaged in your Deals

The Contacts section simplifies understanding deal engagement.

Here you can see:

  • Who's involved: Identify the specific people engaged in the deal.

  • Their activity: Understand their level of engagement based on their number of meeting interaction activities.

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