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Invite My Team to Grain
Invite My Team to Grain

Learn about how to invite, setup, and remove team members with Grain!

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Getting Started

  • To invite members to your workspace, head over to the 'Workspace' tab and select "Members".

    • You will then be taken to a page that looks like this:

  • From here we can see every member associated with our workspace, and some additional information such as that person's role, plan, and status.

    • You can make changes to any of this information by clicking the drop down arrow next to it.

To Invite new members:

  • Select '+ Invite Members' from the top right corner.

  • A pop-up will appear and allow you to type in email addresses of people you'd like to invite, or additionally you can share the workspace link with them.

  • From here, members can accept the invitation from their email, and join the workspace!

To Remove Members

  • Remove members of your workspace by going under the 'Status' tab and selecting 'Deactivate'

    • This will revoke the user's ability to sign into Grain.

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