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Listen by Speaker

Easily listen to just your team members interaction during their calls

Updated over a week ago

This feature lets you easily focus on individual speakers in conversations. Enabling you to quickly review one person interactions.

Here's how it works:

1. Choose a speaker:

  • Click the play button in the timeline action bar next to a speaker’s name.

2. Listen Only to one speaker:

  • The recording will automatically skip segments where other people are speaking.

3. Skip Specific Segments:

  • Click the forward button next to a speaker's name in the video player to skip to the next segment.

4. To Turn Off "Listen by Speaker"

  • Click the "X" next to a speaker's name in either the video player or the timeline action bar to return to hearing everyone on the call.

This feature saves you time and helps you focus on providing targeted coaching to your team.

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