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Identify coaching opportunities and give feedback
Identify coaching opportunities and give feedback

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Grain Coaching

Coaching in Grain is a dedicated space for mentors and coaches to analyze communication patterns and engagement during meetings. It's a hub where AI-driven feedback and quantitative metrics come together to illuminate the strengths and areas for improvement in team interactions.

How Coaching empowers coaches

  • AI Feedback: Grain employs advanced algorithms to provide detailed analysis of speech, tone, and engagement levels, offering a unique perspective on how participants contribute to discussions.

  • Engagement Metrics: Understand who is contributing and how often. These metrics can guide coaches to encourage more balanced participation and identify those who may benefit from additional support.

  • Time-stamped Comments: Coaches can leave precise, time-stamped comments on recorded sessions. This feature allows for pinpointing exact moments in a meeting that are teachable opportunities.

How Coaching works

For coaches, the power of Grain lies in its ability to provide a dual lens of qualitative and quantitative feedback. It allows for:

  1. Personalized Feedback: Tailoring feedback for individuals based on their engagement and interaction.

  2. Measurable Progress: Setting clear, measurable goals for individuals and tracking their progress over time.

  3. Constructive Follow-ups: Using specific instances from recordings to structure follow-up sessions with actionable advice.

AI Feedback

AI Feedback is a powerful tool that helps users understand what they are doing well, and what they should improve on for the future!

These feedback blocks are generated by the AI for each meeting, and every single meeting will generate different insights and feedback!


Metrics give you access to important information quickly and give you tips and insights on how to improve these going forward.


Lastly we have comments. This tab is where we can make notes at particular timestamps and leave comments for other viewers to watch

Coaches commonly use comments to leave notes and grades for their sales reps!

Best Practices

When using Coaching in Grain effectively, there are several best practices that can help optimize the coaching process:

  1. Consistent Review: Regularly review meeting recordings to maintain a steady flow of feedback and ensure no coaching moments are missed.

  2. Focus on Specifics: Utilize time-stamped comments to address specific moments in the conversation. This makes your feedback concrete and actionable.

  3. Encourage Self-Review: Invite team members to review their own participation in meetings using the tab, fostering self-awareness and self-directed learning.

  4. Balance Positive and Constructive Feedback: Highlight both strengths and areas for improvement to encourage a growth mindset without discouraging your team.

  5. Set Clear Objectives: Before meetings, define clear objectives for communication and collaboration that can be reviewed in the Coaching Tab.

  6. Track Progress Over Time: Use metrics to track how individuals’ contributions evolve over time, recognizing improvement and persisting challenges.

  7. Facilitate Peer Feedback: Encourage team members to give each other feedback using the tab, promoting a collaborative environment.

  8. Privacy and Sensitivity: Ensure that feedback given is private and sensitive to the individual’s development needs, maintaining confidentiality as required.

Coaching in Grain is more than just a feature; it's a comprehensive approach to fostering growth and communication excellence within teams. By integrating AI feedback, insightful metrics, and the ability to leave nuanced comments, Grain becomes an essential asset for any coach aiming to transform potential into performance.

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