Scorecards Explained

Coaching tool to improve sales calls performance

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Scorecards are a tool to help managers and sales reps improve on all areas of a sales call. By using scorecards teams can dramatically improve their performance and increase sales growth.

What it is:

Scorecards help sales managers and sales reps evaluate and discuss specific sales calls. This organized approach ensures everyone uses the same criteria, creates valuable data points for coaching, and improves overall sales techniques.

How it works:

Scorecards have sections for different parts of a sales call, like rapport building or objection handling. Each section is scored (1-5) with clear explanations to explain the valuation.

How to use scorecards:

  • Share feedback: Easily provide feedback to sales reps by sharing scorecards.

    • To share feedback directly in Grain, simply select the share button at the top right hand corner of the page.

      • From here you can enter the recipients email address, and leave comments for them.

  • Search for calls: Find calls with specific area's of concern to coach on certain sales call areas

    • To find a call, simply use the filter functions in the top left to find calls based on scorecard areas.

  • Review results: Easily track struggling reps or high performers to identify trends and areas for improvement.

Scorecard sections explained:

  • Rapport Building: This section scores how well the rep connects with the potential customer.

  • Customer Qualification: This section assesses the rep's ability to identify good sales opportunities.

  • Understanding Customer Needs: This section scores how well the rep discovers the customer's problems.

  • Demonstrating Value: This section evaluates how effectively the rep shows how the product solves the customer's problems.

  • Objection Handling: This section scores how well the rep addresses the customer's concerns.

  • Closing Ability: This section assesses the rep's effectiveness in securing the sale or next steps.

Why are they valuable?

  • Targeted coaching: Managers can easily identify areas where reps need help and tailor their coaching accordingly.

  • Learning from the best: Scorecard data lets teams learn from high-scoring calls, boosting overall performance.

  • Track progress: Managers can see if coaching is working, if reps are applying it, and if it's improving results.

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