Integrate Grain with your dialer and CRM

Learn how to connect your dialer and CRM to Grain to automate note taking in your CRM for calls and video meetings

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Grain's versatility extends to its ability to integrate seamlessly with a variety of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and dialers like Aircall. By linking Grain to your existing tools, you can enhance customer interactions, streamline follow-ups, and consolidate valuable conversation data where it serves you best.

Grain integrates with the following HubSpot, Salesforce, and Aircall

  • HubSpot: Sync your Grain meeting notes to corresponding contacts, companies, or deals in HubSpot. Use these insights to enrich your customer profiles and tailor your marketing efforts.

  • Salesforce: Capture valuable conversation insights directly within Salesforce. Grain’s integration allows you to link call notes to Salesforce records, making them more accessible and actionable.

  • Aircall: Automatically import your Aircall calls into Grain for transcription and AI-generated notes to analyze your customer calls. With Grain’s Aircall integration, every call becomes an opportunity for insight.

For a detailed guide on how to connect Grain with these tools and to make the most out of your integrations, refer to the following articles:

Grain will continue to invest in building integrations for other widely used CRMs and dialer systems.

Note: each integration works at the workspace level, so once you set up the integrations, your new team members won't have to.

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